Jennifer Laura Palmer


    Kentucky Artist will be Traveling the Kentucky Countryside in Her ‘51 Chevy Pickup

    Palmer the Traveling Artist

    Simpsonville, Ky, May 5, 2016– Kentucky Artist Jennifer Laura Palmer will be commencing her journey of cruising the Kentucky roadways to complete Plein Air artworks.  These artworks completed will be about the nostalgia and the adventures that she stumbles across.

    Palmer states: “I will be searching for spots that inspire me and stories that can accompany the artwork. These trips will be about creating connections and memories of the landscapes and all the people I encounter.  ” 

    If you would like to suggest locations of interest for her travels, please send her an email at  And if you see her painting by her ‘51 Chevy stop and share a moment of time and have a conversation while she creates her art.  This project is about documenting a changing landscape and creating memories of the stories she encounters. Follow the journey at




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